If you used to eagerly purchase backlinks in wholesale quantities for pennies on the dollar to achieve higher ranking on Google, it is now time to clean up the mess.

    In the past-Penguin world, those backlinks that previously took your site to the first page of search results may now be responsible for kicking it back a few pages, and perhaps shrinking your revenues down by a few figures.

    At Penalty Recover, we use our own, developed in-house, systematic approach to safely bring your site from where it is now back to where it was before Google Penguin came along.

Penalty Recovery Services

    Link Removal Service

    Our Link Removal Link removal servicesServices will help your website by removing all low quality incoming links or any unnatural links which are resulting in a loss of business and traffic. Removing these bad links will help your website get better rankings and trust in Search engines.
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    Google Penguin Penalty

    Delete BacklinksOver optimization and bad link building practices are two of the most common causes of being penalized by Google. If your site has many links from sources that Google considers to be low quality, a penalty is likely.

    Our Penalty Removal Service Team will handle all communications with Google and will hep you to lift the Google Penguin Penalty .
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    Google Penguin Recovery​

    Once all your bad google penguin recovery links and penalties are removed, Penalty Recover can help you to build "natural links" to your websites to make sure you rank in the first page of Google consistently.

    We are up to date with the latest Panda/Penguin compliant SEO strategies. We can not only help you with Google Penguin Recovery but can help you improve your ranking and traffic.
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  • Why Link Removal Is Important ?

    We estimate that 70% of websites have been affected by some sort of algorithm update in the past 2 years. We can help you understand if your website has duplicate content issues, if your pages are not getting indexed, and if your backlinks are coming from bad neighbourhoods. Most importantly, we can help you fix those issues.

    Here are 2 videos where Matt Cutts (Head of the Webspam team at Google) Recommends to request link removals and try to get down as many of the bad links as possible.

    You might be thinking you can do thist on your own and yes you can but most people don't know how to properly use the Disavow tool. Here is Matt Cutts explaing the common mistakes you see from people using the disavow tool.

  • How we work?

    We offer customized services based on each client's unique website situation . We will make the penalty removal process as seamless as possible. In general, our Link Removal Services include -

    •   Downloading a list of all linking pages from Google Webmaster Tools and forming a list of backlinks by means of SEMrush, Majestic SEO, SEOMoz Open Site Explorer, and other well respected software.
    •  Forming a link database.
    •  Rating the quality of each link.
    •  Sending up to 3 link removal requests to the webmasters of each bad domain connected to problematic backlinks. This is a long, tedious process but it is also critical to showing Google that you are serious about removing bad backlinks.
    •  Making phone calls to webmasters who have not responded to removal requests
    •  Preparing a report that documents backlinks that were successfully or unsuccessfully removed.
    •  Creating a disavow file and making reconsideration request to Google.
    •  Reviewing the entire project if the reconsideration request is not approved by Google. The data is reviewed to identify missed links and  necessary steps are repeated. We do not stop reviewing the data until your penalty is removed successfully.

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